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Polit Journal is Scientific Journal of Politics is an international journal using a peer-reviewed process published in February, May, August and November by Britain International for Academic Research Publisher (BIAR-Publisher). Polit welcomes research papers in politics, parliamentary, political party and other researches relating to politics. It is published in both online and printed version.




Vol 3 No 4 (2023): Polit Journal: Scientific Journal of Politics, November

Published: 2023-11-26

Salomon's Sophocracy as a Source of Inspiration for Changing Madagascar's History

Randrialiva Soanirina Seheno, Robijaona Rahelivololoniaina Baholy


Analysis of Customary Law on the Occurrency of Divorce in the Osing Tribe of Banyuwangi

Maryuliyanto, Redyana Lutfianidha, Wahyu Setyo Nugroho, Ferika Nurfransiska


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