ISSN: 2828-1950 (Online)

Ȓowteɍ Journal: is an international journal using a peer-reviewed process which focuses  on economy, business, stock exchanges, trade, currency and export import published  in January and July  by Britian International for Academic Research Publisher (BIAR-Publisher). It is released  both in online and printed version




Vol 3 No 2 (2024): Ȓowteɍ Journal; July

Published: 2024-06-10

Development of a general theory of lean production of goods and services

Valery V. Glushchenko, Milcha Handayani Tammubua, Effendi Sadly


Business Plan for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Lisbet Eunice Pérez Anzardo, Irina Reyes Martínez, Ricardo Walfrido Proenza Ventura, Ika Hartika


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